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To conduct research to Identify, Conceive, Innovate & Design new healthcare products


To commercialize the 5 Lines of business to avoid Thrombotic-Clot formation in legs of people in sedentary situations.


To become the preferred partner for innovative doctors to realize their inventions

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‘Engineering answers to Medical questions’

Modern Lifestyle has compromised many bodily functions leading to physiological problems which produce undesirable effect in emotional, psychological and even economic and business spaces.

We at Sushrut-Designs, work in collaboration with practicing surgeons and doctors to understand the root-causes of various modern ailments and address whose through our engineering expertise. We design products with a view to support and enhance the original functions of the human body rather than replacing them. They are backed by strong medical knowledge and extensive research.

Our devices do-not require dedicated time. They blend in the background while users are engaged in their day-to-day tasks.

Our Product

Need Of SitWalker :

Sitting is the new smoking, and standing makes it worse..! Large numbers of people who SIT for long duration daily have a known problem with blood circulation in their legs. The blood from legs has to be pumped back to the heart and the natural pump (second heart) in legs operates only when we WALK.

Hospitalized patients also face this difficulty – and are at high risk if they go outside their room for walk.

These people are restricted for walk – or only 30-45 minutes if at all.So, we invented the machine which sends the blood back WHILE people are working at their desks.

Our Solution :

Our product is called SitWalker – walk Seated.

SitWalker helps to avoid stagnation in legs for all these people too while they are sitting in their chairs. 

It is motorized footrest which helps to avoid the ill-effects of blood stagnation in legs and prevents clots.

SitWalker is intended for chair-bund sitting population living a sedentary life with annual ( IT,Banking,Government,etc.)

SitWalker avoids blood stagnation in legs and helps to avoid varicose veins and blood clots. It also helps in faster healing of diabetic foot ulcers.


Prevent clots in legs WHILE SITTING..!!

No need of dedicated time to avoid clots, it runs in parallel WITH whatever you are doing while sitting.

Blood stagnates in legs whenever we sit for long periods. Our product sends the blood in legs back WHILE you are working requiring dedicated time like a treadmill or walking.

De-risking of reduced walking / exercise : external factors (weather) or old age, make walking difficult. Our product provides the circulation benefits of walking WITHOUT ACTUALLY WALKING AROUND.

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Shrinivas Yerkalwar


Rahul Dharankar

Apoorva Bomade

Sandip Palhade

Hemant Sonawane

Mohini Jaware

Prasanna Pandit

Sachin Dhanokar

Anuradha Rawool