Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetes lowers the amount of blood flow in your feet results in reduced blood flow to legs and feet making it hard for a sore or an infection to heal.People with diabetes are prone to foot problems that develop due to prolonged periods of high blood sugar levels. Diabetes and atherosclerosis are the two main foot problems that occur, and both can have serious complications.High blood glucose levels, vascular effects of diabetes on the circulation and impaired circulation in the leg due to sedentary lifestyle makes are the predisposing causes for diabetic foot.

How does SitWalker benefit in this condition

Diabetes lowers the amount of blood flow in your feet results in reduced blood flow to legs and feet making it hard for a sore or an infection to heal.These problems are aggravated by stagnation of blood in legs. SitWalker prevents blood stagnation itself and hence prevents these problems for occuring right at the start. In case these problems have already set in, SitWalker prevents further degradation and also serves to reduce the problematic condition.

Expert Opinion

Slide “SitWalker helps in improving the blood flow in foot and calf muscles. Useful for pregnant ladies, people standing for a long time and people having sedentary lifestyles. Can be very useful for preventing blood coagulation after COVID19.”
Dr.Prashant Tonpe –
Joint Replacement Surgeon since 17 years
Slide “Extremely useful for elderly people. My mother uses Sitwalker while watching TV or while sitting for a long time. She has improved her balance a lot and the history of falls is much less.” Dr Naina Gosavi – Practicing Pediatrician since 20 years Slide “Sitwalker is very useful for avoiding Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT). It helps to passively improve the foot movement resulting in improved venous flow of blood towards the heart. It can also be used for patients who are paraplegic and bedridden.”
Dr Hrushikesh Saraf –
Joint Replacement Surgeon since 18 years
Slide ”SitWalker can be used for stasis edema (swelling due to blood stagnation), to avoid varicose veins, non-healing ulcers (in minor form) and vasculitis.”
Dr Vaishali Jagtap –
Practicing Dermatologist since 16 years
Slide ”In CORD, we use Sitwalker for calf-muscle strengthening, specially for geriatric patients who have very weak calf muscles and are facing difficulty in walking and some hematologic patients having foot-drop. It has also given good results in medical conditions like varicose veins and diabetic foot ulcers.”
Padmashree Dr.Kshama Metre –
National Director – CORD
Slide Dr Meghnad Padsalgikar –
Practicing Radiologist since 22 years
”SitWalker will be very helpful for patients with varicose veins, pregnancy,old age people, patients who are recently discharged from ICU which is user friendly product and will help to increase the venous flow into your calves and I definitely recommend to use this product to avoid future complication of DVT, Venous insufficiency and Varicose veins ”
Slide “SitWalker increases the venous flow from your calf-muscles and will be very useful for patients with varicose veins. For elderly people, it gives benefits of walking while sitting at home. I definitely recommend this product for avoiding blood clots in legs preventing future complications.”
Dr Nitin Ketkar –
Practicing Phlebologist and Radiologist since 25 years
Slide “SitWalker works excellently for chronic insufficiency, diabetic-foot and post surgery venous insufficiency. It has shown positive results on our patients. Recommended for people who have orthopedic problems and sedentary lifestyle. Sitwalker can be used on a daily basis for our family members as well as for patients.”
Dr.Vinayak Dendge –
Physiotherapist and Chiropractor since 12 years

Customer Review

Slide “Mostly useful for individuals who have a sedentary lifestyle and are sitting for a long time at their home, office or during travel.” Mr.Vijay Talele- CEO, BHAU Institute,COEP Slide “Sitwalker is giving immensely good results on varicose veins. My varicose veins are nearly invisible now and reduces the heaviness in my legs. It is an excellent innovative product”
Dr.Kshitija Bharti –
Practicing Dentist since 18 years
Slide “Amputation of the left foot was being considered for my brother in law’s diabetic foot ulcer. SitWalker helped to prevent amputation in healing the ulcer in around 6 weeks of regular usage.”
Dr.Bharat Ahuja- Director, College of Engineering Pune (COEP)
Slide “We all have been using it in our family during the lockdown times. It helps in improving blood flow in legs, prevents blood stagnation. So I strongly recommend SitWalker and I think it is a great utility to keep in every office and every home.”
Dr.Ganesh Natarajan – Chairman of 5F World, Lighthouse Communities & Honeywell Automation India Ltd
Slide “Due to SitWalker my blood circulation has improved and my leg pain has reduced immensely.”
Mr.Dattarya Pawar – Beneficiaries of Experience Centers – Customer Feedback