the new SMOKING

Are you aware that sitting for long hours can be life threatening?

Modern Lifestyle has compromised manybodily functions leading to physiologicalproblems which produce undesirable effect inemotional, psychological and even economic andbusiness spaces, blood stagnation and bloodclots in the legs is one of them which leads toother bodily disorders or chronic disorders due tositting-standing for too long keeping this in mindand aiming to find a solution Sushrut Designslaunched SitWalker in 2017.


A Revolutionary device to enhance blood-circulation in your legs.

SitWalker helps to increase the reverse blood flow and can directly help to reduce the risk of Varicose Veins and Deep vein thrombosis (DVT )which offen results in critical sites like

Five benefits of using the Sit-Walker


Helps reverse the blood stagnation in legs


Helps prevent Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)


Reduces the probability of blood-clots


Prevents swelling and water retention in feet


Improves blood circulation in legs

Walking gets the feet moving, theblood moving, the mind moving..And Movement is LIFE..!

Checkout this short video demonstrating
how Sit-Walker works:

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Results of using Sitwalker..

Doppler USG: Regular Long Sitting hours
Doppler USG: After 10 days of Sit-walker Usage